Online Baseball Betting Prices

March 20th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Online baseball betting prices are based on money lines. The problem we run into with baseball betting is that the prices get quite high. The goal as a baseball betting player is to find winners without paying a huge price. That is what online MLB betting value is all about. Online MLB betting players look to find value. Sometimes baseball betting players will look to find the better team at a more reasonable price and that is usually on the road. You can often get a quality team at a reasonable price when they are on a road trip. The normal -200 or more favorite drops down to -150 or so and that is worth a play in online baseball betting. Some baseball betting players don’t consider this value because it is not an underdog play but they are wrong. Value is wherever you can find a winner at a reasonable price in online MLB betting.

This same online baseball betting theory applies to good pitchers as well. Oftentimes you can’t play a stud pitcher at home because he is overpriced but you can sometimes get him at a reasonable price on the road. It is just like the good team on the road. The price is lower and could be a good value in online MLB betting. You will find that online baseball betting players normally prefer to play home teams and that sometimes will give you a decent play on the road favorite.

Another way to spot value is to look beyond the money line side and consider betting totals or run lines in online baseball betting. Some online MLB betting players will play the run line because it is cheaper than laying some of the big prices. What might be of more value is playing totals in online MLB betting. You are almost always laying a good price on totals and you can often find some good value on baseball totals.

You must remember that value does not mean playing only underdogs. Value is wherever you can get a better price than what you believe the line should be. It needs to be on a play that you believe will win though. You just can’t blindly take big underdogs and hope they win. The goal is to find winning selections at reasonable prices. That is value.


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