Name Brand Baseball Odds

March 21st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball odds appeal to people because of the big name teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. MLB betting odds are not that much different than other types of sports betting odds as there are teams and pitchers with mass appeal. Keep in mind though that these name brand teams and pitchers come with a high price in MLB odds at the sportsbook.

MLB odds can be high on the marquee teams. Teams such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers are highly respected by the masses, who don’t follow MLB odds all that closely but who still will wager on it. Along with easy team name recognition, MLB odds have a subplot to them which is name recognition for certain starting pitchers such as Josh Beckett, Tim Lincecum, Johan Santana, just to name a few. Since the pitchers names are posted right next to the team name on the MLB betting odds boards they, in essence, are recognized as being just as important, if not one in the same.

The absolutely lethal combination that kills most, if not all, value on the MLB odds board is when a “name brand” team has a “name brand” pitcher going for it at home against a weak team. The perfect example in baseball betting odds would be the Red Sox sending out Beckett at home as the starting pitcher against the Kansas City Royals. This is where the MLB odds makers get down right nasty and throw sports betting gamblers the ultimate brush back with MLB odds at near or over -300, as they try and terrify bettors into shopping somewhere else or, to do what they really don’t want to do, which is take a long shot flier on Kansas City.

>In this new era of baseball odds, you cannot make a living by taking heavy chalks at home as the price is now completely out of sight. At the same time, there is no value in a loser and what is the point of throwing away money on a long shot in MLB odds at the sportsbook?

This is exactly the dilemma that the sportsbooks wanted to create as they were tired of getting clobbered by wagers on the good teams in MLB betting odds, which was often “easy money” in baseball odds. That is not the case anymore in MLB odds.


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