MLB The Show 20 Betting Increase Validates Ratings and Realism

May 5th, 2020 MLB Baseball, Sportsbook

At the beginning of the COVID-19, sports shutdown were alternatives quickly considered. One of the initial offerings was MLB The Show 20. This EA Sports video game has long been the gold standard of Major League Baseball simulations. An in-depth study of the player and team ratings gives evidence as to why. Betting on MLB The Show 20 is a prime example of why sports sims betting appeal to gamblers. To illuminate the game offers believable results based on fact-based engineering. The best teams and players in real-life rate the same in MLB The Show 20.

Team Ratings

Specifically, the essence of any quality sports sim is an emulation of the actual game. MLB The Show 20 separates itself from the pack in this regard. If the results were not realistic there would be no sportsbook betting action taken. Gamblers would vote with their wallets and avoid wagering on a sports sim that is nothing more than a cartoon game. Indeed, it is that intricate rating system used by MLB The Show 20 that attracts a wide range of fans and gamblers.

By reason of precise team ratings is the foundation of believability necessary for a sports sim. Teams are rated for contact, power, pitching, defense, and speed. First ranked are the Los Angeles Dodgers. Which should come as no surprise. LA ranks 13 for contact but third for power, first for pitching and defense and third for speed. Just as gamblers would expect.

Last on the food chain are the Orioles. Again, to the surprise of nobody. Baltimore ranks dead last for contact and defense, 25th for power, 28th for pitching, and 27th for speed.

Suffering No Fools or Favorites

While the Yankees are always a marquee brand and betting favorite, that doesn’t always match reality. MLB The Show 20 doesn’t allow for public perception or marquee brands to affect its sports sims betting ratings. New York is only the 10th ranked team. Overall, the Bronx Bombers rate 11th for contact, 12th for Power 6th for pitching, 29th for defense, and 21st for speed.

Boston is another name-brand team that is graded firm but fair. To illuminate the Red Sox rank 16th out of the 30 Major League teams. Boston scores eight for the contract, 20th for power, 17th for pitching, 17th for defense, and 25th for speed.

Can Anyone Say Virtual Reality?

As is the case with real-life baseball MLB The Show 20 combats perception with reality. When you view the SBG board the odds will reflect that. Gamblers will still bet on the popular name brand teams. While ignoring less popular clubs that could offer superior value. Starting pitchers will also affect the board. As an example, Gerrit Cole and the Yankees will command top dollar prices. As will Justin Verlander and the Astros. Dodger backers will be numerous at the betting window. Counter to that will be gamblers aversion to the Tigers, Orioles, and Royals.

Upset Alert

Most important of all to consider is that sports sims will simulate real life. This means that upsets can and will happen. Just as they do in actual sports matchups. Commencing with that fact is the warning that even the worst baseball teams will win a third of their games. In view of that, the same handicapping approach to real-life should be used in sims.

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