MLB Pre-Season Betting on the Colorado Rockies

March 22nd, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB pre-season betting on the Colorado Rockies will be very interesting for many MLB betting enthusiasts who must determine whether the Rockies’ 2007 magic will be prevalent in the team’s 2008 MLB pre-season betting.

Nevertheless, the reality is that the Rockies’ streak will likely have no bearing on the team’s baseball pre-season betting, simply because the pre-season is so distinct from the regular MLB betting season. Therefore, as you do your baseball pre-season betting on the Rockies you probably should not expect the same type of success that took them to the World Series last year.

MLB pre-season betting on the Rockies will surely be exciting because they finished the 2008 season on such a hot streak, even despite their loss to the Red Sox in a World Series sweep. Colorado enjoyed one of the hottest streaks ever in baseball history and in the course of just a few weeks transformed from a team that seemed like a long-shot to make the playoffs to the National League’s representative in the World Series. Even though the team was defeated in the World Series, some baseball betting analysts are predicting their success to spill over to the 2008 season.

However, even if the Rockies do have a successful 2008, there is little reason to assume their past success will impact baseball pre-season betting. The problem is that MLB pre-season betting is based on so many outside factors that are irrelevant in the regular season and only really important during MLB pre-season betting. Teams simply are not fully interested in winning during the pre-season, so MLB pre-season betting must anticipate very unpredictable developments. In MLB pre-season betting you will often see teams beat opponents that they would rarely beat in normal baseball betting. Also, as you do your baseball pre-season betting you must keep in mind that lots has changed since the 2007 World Series last October.

Teams get better and worse in the offseason and it is simply uninformed to predict that baseball pre-season betting in 2008 will be a logical continuation of regular season betting in 2007. Therefore, there is little reason to think baseball pre-season betting on the Rockies will have much to do with their amazing postseason run last year.


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