MLB Playoffs – Mets Vs Dodgers

October 8, 2015 MLB Baseball

Mets vs DodgersWith the 2015 MLB Divisional Series on the Calendar we have Game 1 between the Mets of New York playing the Dodgers of Los Angles in L.A. on Thursday the 8 of October at 9:45 PM ET and the Dodgers on the ML are -200 with the Over at 5 ½ EV and the Under at 5 ½ -120 and on the RL -1 ½ +120, while the Mets are at +180 on ML and +1 ½ -140 on the RL.

This Divisional Series will be highlighted with the pitching as both teams have robust pitching staff. The Dodgers have a great 1-2 roster of C. Kershaw and Z. Greinke, and the Mets with the strong arms of M. Harvey and J. DeGrom.

For those that will Bet on MLB at an Online sportsbook and are fans of the Mets of New York, your team is very similar to the Dodgers, only that they have a deeper pitching roster, that could help as the series goes the full five game of this series. They have a very good starting rotation with J. DeGrom at the lead accompanied by N. Syndergaard and M. Harvey. The leader DeGrom has a record of 14 and 8 with an ERA of 2.54 and their solid start with and leads the pitching staff with some 205 strikeouts and a WHIP (walks, hits per inning pitched) of 0.97. Harvey has a 13 and 8 records with an ERA of 2.54 with some 189 strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.02!

Offensively the Mets have several strong hitters that can get it done at the plate. Their D. Murphy is the leader batting an average of .282, and L. Duda is the HR leader with 27 and has 73 RBI’s, and C. Granderson has an on base average of .365 percent.

Against the Dodgers and their pitcher Kershaw, the Mets R. Tejada has had at least 10 at bats against the Kershaw of the Dodgers and is 5 for 14 with 3 walks. The Mets also have Y. Cespedes and his bat could light up the series as he has 35 HR’s for the season with 106 RBI’s.

If you’re a fan of the Dodgers of Los Angeles, your team has the talent to take this Series, and a great roster of pitchers, with the leader, a Cy Young contender in C. Kershaw who has 16 wins and 7 losses with an ERA of 2.13. Kershaw ended the season in September winning 5 and losing 1 and with an ERA of 1.84. He also holds the MLB strikeout record for this regular season with some 301 strike outs.

For the opposing Mets the Dodger Kershaw is troubling, but they also have another great pitcher in Z. Greinke who to date has 19 wins and 3 losses with an ERA of 1.67, and has the MLB top earned run average for the season. After those 2 starters the pitching staff seems to decline, as their starter for Game 3 would be B. Anderson who leads the Dodger pictures with 9 losses and has allowed a high of 18 HR’s to date.

The Dodgers had acquisitions at the trade deadline in A. Wood and M. Latos to add to their pitching rotation, but to date they have not performed at their best. Wood has had 12 starts and with 5 win and 6 losses and an ERA of 4.34, and Latos has 0 wins and 2 losses with an ERA OF 6.55, thus their relievers leave somewhat to be desired as they have an ERA of 3.92 combined. For the Dodgers to win this Series they will need several wins on their starter of Kershaw and Greinke.

Offensively at the plate, like most teams, they could use more hitting power, as they only rank 8th in the NL in scoring runs, but they do have a strong hitter in A. Gonzalez who has 28 HR’s, 90 RBI’s and an average at the plate of .276 and on base % of .352. He also has good games against the Mets averaging some .352 at the bat with 7 HR’s and 16 RBI’s.

Two other players who can make their presence known at the plate in this series are J. Turner who against the Mets has a career .297 average, and A. Either who has a .252 average, and with their bats and the solid pitching of pitchers Kershaw and Greinke the Dodgers are favored in this game.

The experts are predicting that the Mets of New York will upset the Dodgers in L.A. in the 5 games.

For your info the 2nd game of this series is on October the 9th, Friday at 12:45 PM ET with the Mets of New York playing at the Dodgers of Los Angeles.

The 3rd game of the series is to be played on October 11th, Sunday at 8:10 PM ET with the Dodgers at the Mets of New York.

The 4th game if needed will be played on October 12th, Monday with the Dodgers again playing at the Mets of New York.

The 5th and final game if need will be played on October 14th, Wednesday with the Mets of New York playing at the Dodgers of Los Angeles.

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