MLB Odds

April 5th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB odds are oftentimes more of a niche for those who bet on sports and that is too bad. Baseball odds are routinely wagered on by wiseguys who look at baseball as a moneymaking sport. What makes baseball odds different and why are they a good bet?

Baseball odds are different because they are not based on pointspreads. The baseball odds are based on a “money line” in which you lay odds on a favorite or take odds on the underdog. For example you will see a line that says New York Yankees -160, Minnesota Twins +140. These baseball odds mean that you would have to wager $160 to win $100 on the Yankees or bet $100 to win $140 on the Twins. This baseball odds example is a “twenty cent line.” Generally lines can range from ten cents for close games to as high as sixty cents for mismatches in baseball odds.

The baseball odds are based on the pubic perceptions of those who bet on the sport. For example, the public simply cannot seem to get enough action on teams like the Yankees and Red Sox. These teams are oftentimes overlays against the MLB odds. Look what happened in 2005 when the Yankees won 96 games and still lost money for their followers in MLB odds.

Keep in mind as you look at MLB odds that you can wager on totals, run lines and parlays. The run line option is where you lay or take a run and a half along with a reduced money line attached to it. Instead of laying -200 or more you can lay reduced baseball odds and lay the run and a half instead. This is a good option in baseball odds if you don’t like laying big prices. Betting baseball can be a good bet because you don’t have to worry about pointspreads. You can get on big winning streaks and if your team wins, you get paid. There is none of this not covering the spread in baseball.

Also remember in MLB odds that you can bet totals and you can bet futures. baseball odds are listed on teams to win the World Series and these futures bets can keep you in action all season long.


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