MLB Odds Rundown For Pirates vs. Cubs

November 30th, 2010 MLB Baseball

MLB odds work in mysterious ways. With 162 MLB betting odds games on the schedule there are bound to be instances when the MLB odds for a game prove to be erroneous.

When the Pittsburgh Pirates travel to Chicago to take on the Cubs on May 25th the Cubs will be heavily favored in the MLB odds and there is the potential for an upset in the MLB betting odds –but not much of one.

MLB odds are created based on probability and past performance on the field. Neither of these elements would seem to favor the Pirates which have been one of the losingest franchises in the MLB odds for quite some time. However, one MLB betting caveat is the fact that the Pirates, despite being seven games back in the standings, are off to one of their best starts in awhile.

Still, the Cubs are a far superior team. Their record this season hasn’t been all that impressive, but they’ve still been a duel for the division lead for most of the season. The Cubs are one of the top teams in the MLB betting odds and should prove this by the end of the sportsbook betting season.

Chicago should be heavily favored in the MLB odds in this match up. Playing at home should be a huge boost in the MLB odds for this team and simply put the Cubs are more talented. After running into a bit of trouble on the road the Cubs will also he anxious to put few more entries in the win column. The home stand against the Pirates should be the perfect MLB betting odds opportunity.

The only possible strike against the Cubs in this MLB odds match up is the fact that the bottom of their starting rotation will likely be on the mound when they square off with the Pirates. But the Cubs 4 and 5 starters are still good enough to give the Pirates hitters problems and most sportsbook gurus expect the Cubs to come out on top in this MLB odds home stand.

The Cubs biggest weakness so far in the MLB odds competition has been the bull pen. Kevin Gregg is appearing to settle in as the closer but the middle relief has given up too many runs to be effective against top MLB odds competition. The Pirates best chance will be scoring early and get a look at the Cubs middle relievers as soon as possible.

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