MLB Odds Preview: Dodgers Vs Padres in Wild West Shoot Out 7/29

April 4th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The NL West is in play and at the top of the standings are two southern California teams that will soon meet up in the MLB odds action on Thursday July 29th.

On that night the first place San Diego Padres (58-40) will play host to the third place LA Dodgers (54-46) in what will be a deceive game in the MLB lines duel for the division title and a place in the MLB playoff action. Right now the Padres carry a 5.0 lead over the Dodgers, which is a comfortable margin but the San Francisco Giants are also in the hunt and the just 2.5 games back which doesn’t allow the Padres much room to get complacent.

Sand Diego has been the biggest surprise this entire MLB odds season going from the NL West basement to the penthouse. The roster is almost identical to last season yet this team is no longer a doormat but rather the best team in the NL standings. The Padres have won thanks to great pitching, both starting and in the bull pen, and driving in key runs, something this team has been unable to do in recent seasons.

But the team is entering unfamiliar territory as the MLB odds action heads down the home stretch and the division and pennant races tighten up.

For the Dodgers, however, this is plenty familiar territory as this team has been a perennial fixture in the playoff MLB lines action over the past few seasons and knows what it takes to win the NL West. The big question for many Padres fans and observers is whether or not the team will fold under the pressure.

So far so good, and in this match up the Padres have the upper-hand. Not only will he team be playing at home (30-20 home record) but they’ll send out all start starting pitcher Matt Latos (11-4, 2.48 ERA) the ace of this staff.

The Dodgers will send Vincente Padilla (4-3, 3.41 ERA) out to start, a capable pitcher but not as effective as Latos has been this season.

Look for the Padres to win this matchup and put another game between themselves and the Dodgers in the division race.

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