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October 30th, 2018 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Los Angeles Dodges are considered to be the top favorite with MLB game lines to win it all.  Last year’s World Series loss to Houston is considered to be a fluke of nature.  Hurricane Harvey gave the Astros an emotional intangible they needed to overcome LA.  While the Dodgers are the prohibitive chalk they are not alone.  Houston is getting a lot of public love as defending champion.  Yankee fans are salivating for action with a new manager.  And Chicago Cubs fans believe they can win their second World Series in three years.

2018 MLB Opening Weekend

Date and Time: Season opens March 29, 2018

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Chicago Cubs

Despite winning the National League Central last year the Cubs season was a disaster for gamblers.  Public money flooded MLB game lines for Chicago in 2018.  Fresh off their miracle 2016 World Series title the Cubs were a sluggish overlay.  Despite winning 92 games they were a huge money loser.  Once again gamblers will likely overpay for Cubs games.  Few teams are as popular with the public.  Yet most teams cannot match Chicago in ability.  Miami will host the Cubs opening weekend.  With a gutted roster cleared for budget concerns the Marlins offer nothing.

New York Yankees

Joe Girardi was fired despite his record of success with the New York Yankees.  Opening at Toronto the Bronx Bombers begin the Aaron Boone era.  With the rest of the American League East looking subpar the Yankees are the chalk.  Pressure will be full blast on Boone and the pinstripes.  Girardi was a big and consistent winner.  Yet most Yankee fans celebrated his departure.  However, the old saying of “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind.  Toronto is rebuilding after last year’s flood of red ink.  Following consecutive playoff berths the step back is difficult to accept.

LA Dodgers

Los Angeles is likely the most capable team in baseball.  Problematic is their status as a consistent sportsbook online overlay.  Single game losses will border on catastrophic for gamblers with LA.  Dodger games are among the most expensive on the board.  Seems like the entire betting public wants a piece of the 2018 NL pennant winners.  Opening the season at home against San Francisco could be dangerous.  Despite being outclassed the rival Giants will play fearlessly.  Few dogs will offer more bite on Opening Weekend.

Houston Astros

Also facing the prospects of a rivalry weekend are the Houston Astros.  Opening at the Texas Rangers the defending champs will have a big pitching edge.  Yet the first series of the season can be tricky to handicap.  All teams are totally focused to start the season, especially rivals.  Pitching travels well but prices will be high.  Houston will wear a big fat target all season after winning the title.

St. Louis Cardinals

One series that could garner attention is the St. Louis Cardinals at New York Mets.  Opportunity beckons for the Redbirds against a rebuilding Mets team.  Furthermore, prices should not be too high.  Public money flocks to the Mets.  Bargain hunters seeking quality should consider St. Louis.

Matchup to Watch

St. Louis has the pitching and value for their matchup with the Mets.  They stand a good chance to make a quick profit with MLB game lines.

2018 Opening Weekend Betting Odds Picks

Quality, price and opportunity should be with the St. Louis Cardinals.

2018 Opening Weekend Baseball Betting Online Pick: St. Louis Cardinals

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