MLB Gambling on Dodgers vs. Angels

April 8th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The MLB gambling numbers will be bringing all the feverish fans to pay close attention to the odds as the Los Angeles Angels host the Los Angeles Dodgers. The two teams don’t meet a great deal so there is a little bit of added incentive when they play each other. The Angels are slight baseball gambling favorite in this matchup. All the MLB gambling stats for this game can be seen at SBG Global.

MLB gambling is likely to be popular on both teams this season. The Dodgers are World Series contender from the National League while the Angels are still well respected in the American League.  The Angels are counting on improved offensive numbers this baseball gambling season, especially since their pitching is likely to be weaker without John Lackey.  One player that could have an excellent season is catcher Mike Napoli. He has 20 home runs in each of the past two years to go along with 75 walks. He is pounding the ball this spring, hitting four home runs with seven RBIs and he has a .412 batting average.  “I’m feeling good,” Napoli said. “I’m seeing it well right now and I’m trying to take advantage of it. I’m confident. You just try to get yourself ready for the regular season by putting good at-bats together.”   The Angels would like to see Napoli improve on defense so that he can play more behind the plate. “I want to get the best that I can defensively,” Napoli said. “We work on it every day here. We’re always doing drills so you just try to concentrate and get the most of it out.”

The Dodgers have had a lot of split squad games recently so they are happy to have the entire team in one location.  MLB gambling handicappers talk about how they played a couple of games in Taiwan and had a win and a loss. Manny Ramirez, James Loney and Chin-lung Hu had three hits each in the series finale. “Right now, this is practice and I’m not quite in form yet, but I’m getting into shape,” said Ramirez, “I still need to play outfield. This was good experience. This league is good and the competition is good as well.” Manager Joe Torre was using the series to look at pitchers who may be on the opening day roster. Torre also had to figure out who is going to play second base.  Blake DeWitt really looks good but the Dodgers also have Jamey Carroll and Ronnie Belliard. “Again, if it happens to be DeWitt, we’ll certainly make sure that Carroll and Belliard have to be part of the equation somewhat,” Torre said.

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