MLB Eyes July Return for Baseball Betting Action

MLB Eyes July Return for Baseball Betting Action

May 19th, 2020 MLB Baseball, Online Wagering

There is legitimate hope for MLB to return to action. A target date of July 4 is what the latest proposal would be. Of course, the Fourth of July would be most appropriate. That is Independence Day in the United States. America would love nothing more than for its National Pastime to return at that time. However, there is a multitude of complications slowing down the return. At a time when America is suffering from COVID-19’s decimation of the economy players whine about pay cuts. If baseball betting resumes owners and players must sacrifice.

Owners Basic Proposal

Admittedly there are several different proposals being floated. The most common is the expectation of a schedule that ranges from 80 to 100 games. Games would be played in each MLB home stadium. These home and away games would be without fans at the start. Fans might be allowed into ballparks later in the season depending on coronavirus statistics at that time.

Additionally, there would be a regional setup instead of normal leagues and divisions. Regions would include the west, southwest, midwest, northeast, and southeast. This would significantly cut down on travel. While allowing for the ability to squeeze in more games.

To begin with, rosters would have to be larger than the normal 25 players. This would seem to be something that the players union would favor. Since that would mean extra jobs for players that otherwise wouldn’t have them. Yet dealing with the MLB Players Union has been a 50-year hassle for the owners.

Rules Changes

Further ideas include seven-inning doubleheaders and designated hitters for every game. Extending that are other proposals that would save precious playing time in online wagering matchups.

A Fifty-Fifty Split

Most important of all to the union is the money. Owners have proposed a fifty percent split of all revenue with the players. Players Union executive director Tony Clark called the proposal a “non-starter.” Clark labeled it as a sneak attempt by owners to institute a salary cap.

Meanwhile Tampa Bay Rans pitcher Blake Snell said the proposal isn’t worth it. Snell said he must be paid his full $7 million because of the risk involved. Granted, Snell would have to settle for “only” $3.5 million or so. But compare that to everyday Americans working at stores and hospitals. And for significantly less money. Snell and the union are coming off as tone-deaf to the very fans they will need in future seasons.

COVID-19 Plan

Of course, the owners have a 67-page document of protocol for operating a season during COVID-19. Testing, social distancing, and disinfecting clubhouses, etc. are all spelled out in great detail. In brief, the safety angle has been covered in painstaking detail,

Potential Fallout and Fall

Owing to the young and healthy having minuscule coronavirus mortality rates should baseball betting resume. Balanced against those scientific facts and data is the most powerful union in sports. Due to millions of Americans losing loved ones, money, and jobs do baseball faces a crisis. In this situation, cancelation of the season may do more damage than the 1994 World Series cancellation. Owing to that is considerable pressure to find an agreement to play. So too is the fact that other sports are gearing up for a return.

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