MLB Commissioner Manfred Says There Will Baseball Betting

MLB Commissioner Manfred Says There Will Baseball Betting

June 11th, 2020 MLB Baseball, Sportsbook

“We’re going to play baseball in 2020, 100 percent,” vows Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred. Certainly, that had better be the case or a battered American public will not be in a forgiving mood. As bad as canceling the 1994 World Series was for baseball losing the 2020 season would be even worse. Consider how COVID-19 and civil unrest have drained millions of Americans. For many people, baseball’s dithering has already turned them away. The fight isn’t even about safety concerns. Instead, it’s a fight about dividing up billions of dollars.

Does the Guarantee Come with a Warranty?

At the same time that Manfred made his vow to play he was asked by a reporter if he could guarantee a baseball betting return. Has Manfred boxed himself and the owners in? Or does he know something that we don’t? Could owners simply call up minor leaguers to fill the rosters? Fashion the never-ending proposals and counter-proposals that we have been inundated with. For all that most fans believe that there should be games today.

Even if baseball does start it won’t be until mid-July. July 4 was a target date due to its American significance. Specifically, Independence Day carries tremendous meaning to the USA and fans. Baseball has forfeited its status as the “national pastime.” Cause by this greed and stupidity it will never get it back.

Latest Proposal

Now the latest idea from the players union is an 89-game schedule with expanded playoffs. Players would be paid on a prorated basis. Games would be played under the assumption of being quarantined with no fans. Moreover, the owners do not want the baseball betting regular season to extend into October. The latest proposal is certainly better than the lame 50 games regular season proposed by the owners. Normally the regular season schedule is a marathon of 162 games. An 89-game schedule with additional playoff teams would be a much more representative season.

Failure is Not an Option

Most important of all is the fact that baseball must find a way back to action. Americans have short memories and attention spans. As bad as this situation has been handled, if baseball returns most fans will get over it. However, if MLB fails to get back it will be the ultimate sportsbook unforgivable sin.

Most of all money should end up talking here. Owners want the television revenue. Players want to get paid for the longest schedule possible. And the TV networks desperately want to live sports content. Which baseball can offer in a way that few other sports can do? More emphatically when the play does resume there will be daily games from morning through night. Fans and gamblers will quickly love it and move on. Baseball has to realize that there is no option to fail.

Live Betting May Dominate – Potential Advantages and Disadvantages

The account of this unique situation handicapping the games will be a great challenge. Particularly at the start of the season. Live betting and 5.5 inning game wagers could prove popular. Of great concern to gamblers will be the effectiveness of pitchers. Bullpens figure to be a big part of the handicapping equation. Another factor to consider is if top teams will coast through the shortened regular season. Subsequently, the Dodgers and Yankees know that a .500 record likely means a playoff berth. Thus, no need to overdo things until the playoffs.

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