MLB Betting Traps to Avoid

April 10th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting gives you a lot of chances to win money but there are some traps you must avoid if you want to survive. Sometimes in baseball betting it is the mistakes that you don’t make that end up saving you the most money.  What MLB betting traps should you avoid?

MLB betting has so many different prices on the board. There are big favorites, big underdogs, small favorites and small underdogs.  The big favorites sure do look appealing in MLB betting because you just can’t see those plays losing.  The -250 favorite in MLB betting just looks so appealing.  The problem with the big favorite in baseball betting is that it doesn’t always win.  It is a trap.  You must avoid laying big money in MLB betting if you want to make money. It is simply too hard to overcome 2-1 or 3-1 losses.  Let’s look at that for a moment. If you have a -300 favorite you have to win almost every single time to make money.  If you lose just once it takes you three more bets to make up for it.  No matter how good things look it is tough to win 75% of the time in MLB betting. And that is just to break even when you are laying 3-1. The first trap to avoid is laying big money in baseball betting.

Another trap to avoid is trying to break a slump. The baseball season is a long one and there are going to be ups and downs. Resist the urge to bet more when things aren’t going well. There is no telling how long your slump is going to last.  You need to still be in the game when it goes. Avoid the trap of doubling up in baseball betting.

Another trap to avoid is trying to figure out when a team is going to break their streak.  Baseball is so streaky that teams will run off winning or losing streaks all the time.  Don’t try and buck those streaks.  Either go with them or avoid going against these teams.  You can win a lot when you ride the streak but if you constantly try and figure out when to buck a streak you are going to be in trouble.

Baseball can be profitable if you can avoid the traps the ultimately come during the long season.  Don’t lay big money on a regular basis, don’t double up after losses and don’t try and figure out when streaks are going to end.  Avoiding traps is critical to winning money in baseball.


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