MLB Betting Profits

April 11th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting gives you so many games to look at during the season that you can go dizzy. The question to answer in baseball betting is whether or not you can make a profit or not.  Baseball runs from April to October so there are a lot of games every month.

MLB betting doesn’t get as much attention from sportsbooks as the other sports and that can be good news for gamblers.  Many people simply don’t get involved in baseball betting.  The sportsbooks just want to survive the baseball season and get to football.  Even though it seems like they don’t do well with baseball betting, the sportsbooks usually still make money.  That is because many people don’t handle the long season very well when it comes to MLB betting. There are so many peaks and valleys and gamblers usually don’t do well with that.

Keep in mind with MLB betting that baseball is a money line sport. This means the odds don’t really move much.  The sportsbook will raise or lower the price but there is no pointspread.  If a team wins then you are going to get paid.  If favorites win in MLB betting, the sportsbook usually doesn’t do as well.

Most sportsbooks offer a 20 cent line or higher on all their MLB betting lines. This means that the take back is a difference of 20 cents.  For example, let’s say Tampa Bay is at the Yankees and New York is -170.  The take back on the Rays would be +150.  That is a 20-cent line in baseball betting.  Some sportsbooks might offer a 10-cent line meaning that you would get +160 if you took Tampa Bay.  Some sportsbooks will increase the difference in take back as the price in MLB betting goes up.  For example, let’s say we had Philadelphia against Pittsburgh. The Phillies are -250.  A normal 20-cent line would see the Pirates at +230.  You won’t find that line.  It will be more like +200 or +210.  The line increases to a 40 or 50-cent line.  Sportsbooks can do this because very few people want to take the underdog, so they raise the price of the favorite. Keep in mind that baseball is not a high priority for the sportsbooks so they can put up whatever price they want. You can make a profit in baseball but you have to be prepared to bet into different lines and you must be able to survive the ups and downs of the long season.


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