MLB Betting Odds

April 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting odds are different from those in other sports because there is no pointspread involved. MLB betting numbers are based on a money line.  All your team has to do is win for you to collect when you bet on MLB.  MLB betting makes it so you don’t have any pointspread to worry about. You may have to lay a higher price but all you have to worry about is the win as you bet on MLB. If you like the Yankees over the Royals you’ll just have to win the game. It might be -250, meaning you have to put up $250 dollars to win $100 as you bet on MLB, but all you have to worry about is winning the game.

A big advantage to MLB betting odds for many players is the streak factor. In basketball the Lakers might run off 10 wins in a row but only be 5-5 against the spread because they are laying double digits every night.  In baseball if you team wins 10 in a row you win every single time against the MLB betting number.  It is just a matter of putting up more money to win on the MLB betting board.

Sportsbooks don’t like putting up MLB betting because they just don’t get the volume of action that football or basketball provide. Another reason that books hate baseball is that wise guys continue to play even though the public may take the summer off.  That does not make for good two way action in MLB betting. Remember that example with the Yankees and Royals?  If you like Kansas City you would get anywhere from +190 to +210 back on your $100 bet as you bet on MLB if the Royals won.

A couple more areas in MLB betting are run lines and totals.  Run lines are where the team you are betting is either laying a run and a half or getting a run and a half.  The advantage to this in the previous MLB betting odds example is that you probably only have to lay $140 to win $100 dollars laying the 1.5 runs on the Yankees instead of the $250 dollars to win $100. Totals in MLB betting have become more popular over the years. Totals in MLB betting are the total runs scored by both teams in the game.  Totals are usually based on a 20 cent line.

Those are the basic options you will see as you look to bet on baseball.


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