MLB Betting Odds on Marquee Teams

April 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting odds on marquee teams are almost always higher than on other teams. Certain teams in baseball are just well known and have a higher profile and higher MLB betting odds.

If you want to wager on the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox on the MLB odds board then you better be prepared to pay a hefty price. Baseball betting odds are high on teams like New York and Boston for good reasons. There are no better organizations in baseball than the Yankees and Red Sox. They sign the best free agent talent available and also have solid farm systems that continue to produce players. The Yankees and Red Sox are perennial contenders but they are often overpriced on the baseball betting odds board.

As you look at the MLB betting odds, another highly respected, consistent, and stable organization is the St. Louis Cardinals, who are perennial contenders.  The Cardinals are superb at developing their own talent and are a proven commodity. The Atlanta Braves must be mentioned as one of the best organizations in baseball as well and a marquee team in MLB betting odds. Again, like the other top organizations, the Braves are a stable franchise with excellent front office personnel and scouts that have been around for a long time. Another team on the baseball betting odds board to look at is the Oakland Athletics.  While the A’s have far less money than the Yankees, as well as far fewer fans, they still manage to contend for the playoffs in most seasons. They are oftentimes not as highly priced on the baseball betting odds board and can present good value.

Sometimes when looking at the MLB betting odds a gambler can save time with his handicapping by studying strong organizations. What you must be careful of though, is constantly laying too much money in MLB betting odds with these teams. They are great organizations and have excellent teams but the MLB odds maker knows this as well and oftentimes charges a premium price. If you want to bet on teams like the Yankees and Red Sox you sometimes get better baseball odds when they are on the road than when they are at home. That could be the time to bet marquee teams against the MLB betting odds. Laying the big price on marquee teams at home versus MLB odds is usually a risky proposition.


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