MLB Betting Marathon

April 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting starts in April and doesn’t end until October. Baseball betting is a daily grind that demands money management and discipline. A lot of the baseball season takes place when there is nothing else going on.  There is no NFL betting, no college football betting, no NBA or college basketball betting and that makes it of paramount importance that you manage your money properly and remain disciplined in baseball betting.

Baseball betting has at least 90 games on the schedule each week. When you combine the baseball betting side and total possibilities for each week there are approximately 180 wagering possibilities each week. This should show you that money management is a must for the MLB betting gambler.

The good news for the disciplined baseball betting player is that baseball runs in streaks. There is probably no other sport that has as many streaks as baseball. That is why money management is so vitally critical in baseball betting. You will have some of the worst losing streaks in baseball, but if you are disciplined and can withstand them, you will have some of the best winning streaks in MLB betting.

You have to remember that baseball is a money line sport and that means a lot of streaks. You don’t see this in other sports because football and basketball have pointspreads. A team might run off 10 or 15 wins in a row in basketball or 4 or 5 wins in a row in football but it is almost a sure thing they didn’t cover each of those games. That is not how it works MLB betting though. If a team runs off 10 in a row that means they covered every single time because MLB betting involves money lines. This is what makes baseball the streakiest of all sports. That is good news and bad news for the baseball betting gambler.

Baseball betting gamblers must look at the MLB betting season as the ultimate marathon and manage their bankrolls accordingly. The intelligent and winning baseball bettor knows that there will be several streaks during the season that he can ride to profit if he can avoid the urge to lose control.  Because of the numbers, baseball betting gamblers that cannot control themselves are usually out of money and are not around for the inevitable winning streak. Money management in MLB betting can’t be stressed enough.  It is a huge key in whether you win or lose during the season.


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