MLB Betting Futures for Rangers, Mets, and Yankees

July 31st, 2019 MLB Baseball

Texas Rangers 2017 MLB betting futures

Odds to win World Series: +3050
Odds to win American League: +1175 (won last pennant in 2011)
Odds to win AL West division:  +310 (won last title in 2016)

Regular season win over/under: 85½ (won 95 games last season)

The Rangers finished last season with the best record in the AL and their second consecutive divisional champion. However, Texas was swept by the Blue Jays in AL Division series – just like the previous year except this time it took Toronto fewer games to do the deed. The Rangers were very lucky last season – and so were by extension fans who bet on baseball and who backed Texas – but luck can only take you so far, and in the case of the Rangers no farther than the divisional series. This is a team that needs to learn how to solve problems with smarts and not with fists – after all, they’re the Texas Rangers, not the Walker Texas Rangers.

New York Mets 2017 MLB betting futures

Odds to win World Series: +1325 (win last title in 1986)
Odds to win National League: +635 (won last pennant in 2015)
Odds to win NL East division:  +170 (won last title in 2015)
Regular season win over/under: 87½ (won 87 games last season)

Fans who bet on baseball can rely on the Mets as far as regular season wins goes. The New York club posted consecutive winning seasons for the first time in 10 years in 2015 and 2016, and it looks like they will resort to the “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” approach this year. Case in point, the Metsies did not acquire any big names in the free agency market, but they did retain arguably their biggest household name – one Yoenis Céspedes Milanés aka La Potencia. Furthermore the Mets believe in strength in numbers, and that’s hard to argue considering they have one of the best pitching crews in the league – including the likes of Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Jeurys Familia and Addison Reed.

New York Yankees 2017 MLB betting futures

Odds to win World Series: +3050 (win last title in 2009)
Odds to win American League: +1175 (won last pennant in 2009)
Odds to win AL East division:  +585 (won last title in 2012)
Regular season win over/under: 83½ (won 84 games last season)

The Yanks are still in rebuilding mode and taking baby steps back toward greatness. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira were about the last two remnants of a once-great but long-decaying race of giants. Fans who bet on baseball can thing of the so-called Baby Bombers as the Olympians to the Bronx Bombers’ Titans. Rookie catcher Gary Sanchez the Yankees’ Not Ready For Postseason Players with 20 home runs in 53 games. Greg Bird, Tyler Austin, Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier are also part the New York team’s batch of skilled newcomers. While there surely are quite a few future World Series-winners in that group, in the near future the Yankees are more apt to make a bid for the AL East.

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