MLB Betting and MVP Front Runners

October 12th, 2017 MLB Baseball

MLB betting may be witnessing a drop off in power number over the past few years but that hasn’t stopped players from putting up big numbers at the plate, especially in the NL.

In years past it was always a good baseball bet the AL would produce the better offensive stats, but so far in the 2008 MLB betting season that has not been the case. And with so many players putting up such big numbers it could be a difficult MLB betting feat to pick the MVP in the senior League.

MLB betting handicappers will pour over stacks of batting statistics in order to determine the best most deserving of the NL MVP. But it’s a good baseball bet that most of the voters for the award already have their short list made out. While there may be a general decrease in power at the plate throughout MLB betting, surprisingly there has been an upsurge in power for infielders. Infielders have taken over the mantel of the power hitters in MLB betting and especially in the NL. In fact, the five of the top ten HR hitters in the NL are all infielders, something not many fans would have made a baseball bet on at the beginning of the season.

Among these stat leading infielders, one of the front runners for the NL MVP Award is Florida Marlin shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez was the starting short stop in the MLB betting all star game and has blossomed into one of the best all around players in MLB betting. He’s also a good baseball bet to win the NL MVP. His all around numbers of 23 HRs, .304. 82 runs and 23 SB are some of the best in all MLB betting.

But there is plenty of competition this year for the NL MVP award and many MLB betting experts also like Philly second baseman Chase Utley who right up there with Ramirez in terms of stats. Utley has 25 HRs, 69 runs and 70 RBIs and is on pace for 40 HR, 100+ run, 100+ RBI seasons, something no second baseman in MLB betting has ever done. Indeed, Utley is part of the new generation of infielder that is beginning to dominate the MLB betting power categories.

Carlos Lee of the Houston Astros is also a player that could be considered for the NL MVP, along with teammate Lance Berkman. Berkman has been very close to winning this MLB betting honor before and this could finally be his year although many MLB betting handicappers think Houston’s rotten record will be a hindrance.

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