MLB Betting Favors American League in All-Star Game

April 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The MLB betting odds favor the American League to win the All-Star game yet again. The American League has won seven straight and they are unbeaten in baseball betting in the last 13 games since the 2002 game ended in a tie.  The game on Tuesday night will be played at Angels Stadium so the American League has the added advantage of the home field.

MLB betting odds for Tuesday’s game are interesting to consider because the National League has the better pitching while the American League has the better hitting.  The American League lineup is really loaded with former MVP’s Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, not to mention the New York duo of Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano.  The National League lineup is not nearly as imposing although they do have Albert Pujols and Hanley Ramirez.

The National League does have some excellent pitchers led by Colorado’s Ubaldo Jimenez and Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay.  The American League is not without talent though as Tampa Bay’s David Price and New York’s Andy Pettitte are having super seasons and Cliff Lee is the most sought after pitcher in the trade market.  The American League will be missing the best reliever in Major League Baseball history though as New York’s Mariano Rivera withdrew from the game to rest some nagging injuries. If the game is close in the 9th inning he would be missed and could be the difference in baseball betting.

The American League has won seven straight All-Star games which is the third-longest streak in history.  If not for the tie in 2002, the streak would be even longer.  The National League has not won since 1996 vs. the MLB betting odds. It is the longest winless streak in the history of the All-Star game.  Eventually the National League will break the streak and win a game but the old saying goes that you never buck a current streak.   The National League has been competitive though and they are way overdue in baseball betting. The last four wins by the American League have come by only one run.

If the American League gets great starting pitching then they could definitely win the All-Star game again. They have a far better starting lineup than the National League in terms of depth.  The National League just doesn’t have a lot of power in their starting lineup other than Pujols.  The question for bettors in MLB betting is whether they want to take a chance on the National League or bet the American League and expect the streak to continue.


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