MLB All Star Game Betting and the Pitch Count

April 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB All Star Game betting fans typically are given the opportunity to watch a variety of pitchers take the mound during the baseball All Star betting matchup. As baseball All Star betting enthusiasts know, this is the case because the managers of each squad limit each pitcher’s pitch count so that more pitchers can enter the game. Predictably, this feature of the game can have a major impact on baseball All Star Game betting.

The baseball All Star Game betting odds are obviously established based on the players who make up each side’s roster. In normal baseball betting, much analysis is devoted to handicapping the two starting pitchers, as they will likely remain on the mound for over half of the game. However, such an analysis would be flawed if used for baseball All Star Game betting, because each starting pitcher remains in the game for much less time.

In fact, MLB All Star Game betting involves two squads with a total of 13 pitchers each, and in 2009 this group features top hurlers including Josh Beckett, Justin Verlander, Mariano Rivera, and Johan Santana. NL Manager Charlie Manuel and AL Manager Joe Maddon know that each pitcher wants the opportunity to get on the mound and the baseball All Star Game betting fans want the opportunity to see lots of pitchers play. Therefore, any particular pitcher will only throw a very limited number of pitches and, consequently, have relatively minimal impact on the MLB All Star Game betting outcome.

Baseball all star betting fans, therefore, must evaluate each squad’s bullpen as a whole to assess the baseball All Star Game betting odds, rather than focusing primarily on the starting pitcher, as would be done in a typical baseball matchup. In some ways, this change in handicapping strategy represents the greatest difference between baseball All Star Game betting and normal MLB betting. Nevertheless, MLB All Star Game betting enthusiasts should also remember that, by definition, every pitcher on the All Star rosters is very talented.

For example, whether it’s Roy Halladay or Jonathan Papelbon on the mound, Baseball All Star Game betting fans can be confident that there is a skilled pitcher controlling the game. Such circumstances differ from normal games in which a top starter may be pulled and replaced with a very mediocre reliever. Therefore, even though baseball All Star betting fans must recognize that each pitcher will only be on the mound for a limited time, baseball All Star Game betting fans should also realize that each pitcher’s replacement will be similarly talented.


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