Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox Betting Preview

December 20th, 2019 MLB Baseball

As the 2015 Major League Baseball season grinds forward getting closer to the All Star break, it’s always exciting for Baseball fans who Bet on MLB at an Offshore sportsbook to watch game with the league leading teams. Thus in this game for Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015 between the Twins of Minnesota (30-19) playing at the struggling Red Sox of Boston (22-29) with the game scheduled for 7:10 PM ET with the opening ML gambling odds on the Twins at -177.

The starting pitchers for this early June match-up are 28 year old P. Hughes for Minnesota, a right hand pitcher, who has 4 wins and 4 losses with an ERA of 4.59, and for Boston it is 26 year old R. Porcello a right hander, who also has 4 wins and 4 losses with a ERA of 5.37.

The Twins of Minnesota who are leading the AL Central come into the month of June with one of their best and most successful months in 25 years, and go up against the team that last week they swept in that series. During the month of May the Twins had 20 wins and 7 losses and that’s the most since back in June of 1991 when they had 22 wins and 6 losses, which put them at 1st in the league with a ½ game over the Royals of K.C. That is the Twin best start for a season since back in 2001 when they had 33 wins for 49 games.

This past Sunday the Twins won their 7th of 8 tame as they beat Toronto 6-5, as T. Hunter managed a double for 2 runs in the 7 while T. Plouffe hit a 2 run homerun. In the last 7 games for Plouffe he has 2 hits in each of 5 of their last 7 games and has a batting average now of some .378, and during those games 7 RBI’s. In their last 3 game series with the Red Sox Plouffe had 13 at bats for the 3 games and got 4 hits and presently is averaging .333 at the bat with 5 games with more than 1 hit in his last 7 games.

Before we go any further with team and player stats let’s take a look at the last 145 games these two teams played, and we see from the statistics that the home team win a total of 85 games at home while the team on the road had some 60 wins. Then for points scored by the home team in the series was 5.3 runs per game, and the visiting team averaged 4.6 runs per game and that gives the home team a winning margin of .06. In those last 145 games the two teams averaged scoring some 9.7 runs per game.

Then we look at the 72 games when the Red Sox were the home team they won 46 games at home and lost 26 to the Twins. In those games the average runs scored per game were 5.6 per game for Boston and 4.3 runs per game for the Twins.

Then you ask can the Twin of Minnesota cover the spread in this game, and to answer we submit that this season to date the Twins have 49 games under their belt, in which they allowed the opponents some 4.2 runs per game, while they scored some 4.6 points per game. Now the twins are 30-19 and have had 22 road games in which they averaged 3.7 runs each game, while giving up 4.4 and that give them a road record for the season of 11-12.

Then what about the Red Sox and covering the spread in this June 2nd match-up with the Twins. To date for the season the Red Sox have completed 52 games, and averaged 3.9 runs per game, and allowed their opponents to score some 4.7 runs per game which gives them for the season a 23-19 record. Out of those 51 games they had 23 home games, and had 4.3 runs per game while allowing opponents some 4.5 runs per game, so their home record is 11-12.

After giving you all the statistics for the Red Sox and the Twins the experts predict that Boston will beat the Twins in this 2nd game of the Series at 6-5!

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