Interleague Play Highlights Baseball Lines this Week

June 4th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball lines this week will include a lot of great interleague matchups including a World Series rematch as the Philadelphia Phillies face the New York Yankees. Interleague play is a chance to see many matchups that don’t occur very often so it should be a great week of baseball odds.

Baseball lines on Monday favor the St. Louis Cardinals as they host the Seattle Mariners in a game that can be seen on ESPN. It is one of many nationally televised games this week. Two games in the World Series rematch between the Phillies and Yankees will be nationally televised. The Wednesday matchup will be on ESPN while the series finale on Thursday will be televised by the MLB Network.

Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is getting a lot of attention and television networks are picking up on the hype. It is expected that Strasburg will pitch late in the week against the Chicago White Sox. MLB Network has Friday’s game while Fox will televise Saturday’s contest. The other two regional games on Fox for Saturday have the Los Angeles Dodgers taking on the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins playing the Philadelphia Phillies.

Not to be left out of the discussion of Interleague games is the matchup in New York between the Mets and Yankees. The game on Sunday is set to be televised by TBS. The Sunday night game on ESPN features the Dodgers and Red Sox.

While the series between the Yankees and Mets and Phillies and Yankees will get a lot of attention in baseball odds, they are not the only intriguing series this week in interleague action. Tampa Bay has the best record in the Major League and they will play an exciting series in Atlanta against the Braves. Two of the biggest surprise teams in the league this season are Toronto and San Diego and they play a series in San Diego that begins on Monday.

Interleague play is exciting because teams that don’t normally play each other are facing each other. Rivalry games like the Mets-Yankees and Astros-Rangers that don’t occur very often because the teams are in opposite leagues do take place in Interleague play. It makes for exciting games and it increases the interest in baseball.