Giants Favored over Cubs in Tuesday Baseball Betting

April 23rd, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting is going to have the Chicago Cubs and San Francisco Giants favored a lot in 2010. The Cubs are always a team that gets action from the public while the Giants are considered a legitimate contender to make the playoffs.  Both teams are about 17-1 in MLB betting odds to win the World Series. Baseball betting on the Giants this spring has been very successful. The Giants have one of the best records in the Cactus league. The Giants know that the results in Spring Training don’t count but they sure like winning and they believe it could be a good sign of future success. “I know that’s not indicative of how the season goes, but I sure as heck think it is,” closer Brian Wilson said. “We’re out here competing. It’s not like the other team’s not competing.”

Spring Training records don’t always tell the story but a team really doesn’t want to struggle in the spring because it can carry over to the regular season in baseball betting.  The Giants sure have looked good though.  Three starters in a row last week went seven innings.  The Giants won six straight and averaged almost six runs per game. “We’re focused on getting guys ready,” manager Bruce Bochy said. “We know [winning] is not as important as making sure guys are ready on Opening Day. But you’ll take them.”

Last week in MLB betting against the White Sox, Matt Cain went 6 2/3 innings and the Giants had eight extra base hits in a 6-1 win. “I think that gave us a pretty good indication of what we’ll look like,” first baseman Aubrey Huff said.

The Giants still have some problems though. They are not a good defensive team and that is an issue, especially with a good pitching staff.  The Giants do have a lot of depth though and they have won quite a few games in the spring because of their young talent. Center fielder Darren Ford has been great and catcher Buster Posey might make the team. The chemistry on the Giants is also very good. “I’ve met so many guys who put so much pressure on themselves to perform, and they just tense up,” Huff said. “All these guys, for the most part, are real loose, having a good time. When you all go out there and have fun, you play your best.”

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