Getting Ready for 2010 MLB Betting

April 23rd, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting is right around the corner but preparation should have already begun. Part of beating the baseball betting odds is setting limits as to how far you will go and what bets you will make. Setting limits is imposing discipline that should keep you out of trouble and having a plan of attack is important.

MLB betting limits are what you set to limit mistakes, risk and loss. There are some things that you shouldn’t do when involved in MLB betting. First, in MLB betting, you want to decide an amount that is your limit as far as how much you will lay on a favorite. You may say to yourself that you are never going to lay -300 in baseball betting.  You might set that betting number at -175 but it needs to be set before the MLB betting season begins.  There are going to be games when things look really good for a favorite that is laying big money but if you have set your limit in advance you won’t be tempted to lay the big price. Many professional bettors won’t lay more than the -150 price in MLB betting.  That might be extreme but you have to set some type of limit or you will inevitably go over it.

You also need to decide how many games you are going to play per day in MLB betting. That could mean you limit yourself to a couple of games per day. There are usually 14 or 15 baseball games every day and the season is a long one that starts in April and goes into October. That is a lot of side and total options every day in baseball betting.  You must choose some types of limits in MLB betting.  It could be you choose to limit the amount of games you play or it might be you only risk a certain percentage of your bankroll or you might even choose both of those options.

What is your goal this season for betting on baseball?  Are you looking at just winning a few games here and there or do you want to be in action all season?  If you want to survive the ups and downs of a long baseball betting season you must get prepared and that involves setting limits and deciding upon how many games you are going to bet.


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