Freak Injury Sidelines Cubs Ryan Dempster

April 23rd, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Chicago Cubs lost another player due to injury as starting pitcher Ryan Dempster was injured while jumping over the dugout fence to join in a celebration.

Dempster broke his big toe and could be out for at least a month. The Cubs are still considered one of the leading contenders in the National League in baseball betting but the loss of Dempster will hurt. Dempster was 5-5 this season with a 4.09 ERA. “We were healthy for a day,” Chicago manager Lou Piniella said, “Actually, Dempster is sick about this, and so am I. It’s something you never expect to happen. Just a freak thing.” Dempster was trying to get out on the field to celebrate the Cubs win over Milwaukee on Sunday. “I was coming out of the dugout and stepping over the top of the railing there. I was sitting up on the ledge, and I caught my left foot on the rail as I was coming over. It just spun me around and slammed me into the ground,” Dempster said. “When I did it, I thought I just ripped my nail back on my foot. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t very funny. If you ask Derrek Lee he thought it was pretty funny because the first person I saw when I looked up was D-Lee, and he was laughing. I’m sure it looked hysterical from his angle.”

Dempster was hoping to only miss a few starts but Cubs’ trainer Mark O’Neal has said that Dempster will be out for about a month and miss at least 6 or 7 starts in baseball betting odds. “The unfortunate part was my foot, I guess just the way it hit — it came down straight into the ground.” Dempster said, “Came into the clubhouse and my toenail was ripped back and it was bleeding. I thought that was pretty much the end of it, thought I’d just tape it up.”

Chicago is still a popular online betting choice to win the World Series as they are listed at 11-1 in baseball betting at the online sportsbook. The Cubs always get a lot of attention in baseball betting odds at the online sportsbook, although much of it is undeserved. The Cubs haven’t won the World Series in more than 100 years and yet they are still considered one of the main contenders in baseball betting.


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