Factoring the Umpire into World Series Odds

April 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

World Series odds can be about more than just betting the side or the run line. For those of you that bet baseball totals in MLB World Series betting there is a factor that you should consider that the World Series odds maker does not, and that is the umpire factor.

World Series lines on the side and total at the sportsbook do not take the umpire into account at all. Many long-time sports betting gamblers have focused on the umpires and their statistics for a long while. Many websites now list umpire statistics that go back quite a few years. Those who are World Series odds totals can research who is behind the plate and incorporate that information into their sports betting decision.

When you are looking at betting World Series and using umpire information you obviously need to know who is behind the plate. For the first game MLB World Series betting you will have to wait until about an hour before game time when the lineups and umpires are announced. For the rest of the World Series lines you can figure it out on your own because the first base umpire rotates to home plate in the next game.

Each year there are many umpires that will have tendencies to go over or under on a regular basis. Some umpires like John Hirschbeck have always been known to be good for low scoring games. Other umpires like Randy Marsh have been good when you are betting the over in World Series odds at the sportsbook.

When World Series lines it is a good idea to know the umpire that is behind the plate. You can always get that MLB World Series betting information from the boxscore of the previous day. If it is the first game of World Series odds you have to wait for warm-ups to find out who is behind the plate but that is not a problem. There is no guarantee when you bet World Series that having the proper umpire behind home plate will put you in the win column but it definitely can help. Don’t be like the World Series odds maker and totally ignore the umpire factor. It could be the difference between winning and losing a sports betting wager and every little advantage you can get in MLB World Series betting is helpful.


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