Exhibition MLB Betting Begins Next Month

MLB betting begins on Tuesday, March 2nd as the exhibition season begins. The only game on the baseball betting board for that day will be Atlanta at the New York Mets.

Many of the other teams begin their MLB betting exhibition schedule on Wednesday, March 3rd including the defending World Series Champion New York Yankees who play the Pittsburgh Pirates.

MLB betting during the exhibition season can be profitable if you are willing to do the research.  Baseball betting in March is all about information.  If you are willing to do the work you can win at MLB betting during the exhibition season.

MLB betting in March is different than regular season baseball betting because there are no totals, starting pitchers or run lines.  The MLB betting odds are very generic but that is good news for you.  Information about each game can be found out if you go to each team’s website or hometown newspaper.  You can find out the pitchers that are expected to pitch in the game and the expected starting lineups.  That information can be very helpful.

Baseball betting in the exhibition season is ignored by most gamblers.  That is really too bad since it can be profitable.  People think exhibition baseball is too unpredictable and don’t look at it. It is true that exhibition baseball can be wild and weird things can happen but you have the advantage over the oddsmakers.  You can make intelligent plays based on information in baseball betting.  That doesn’t mean you will win every game but it sure does give you an advantage.  For example, you might have a team on the road that is not traveling with many starters versus a team that is using their expected opening day lineup.  And it happens all the time in MLB betting in March. Teams will oftentimes leave regulars off road trips in exhibition baseball and you can find out this information by doing the reading. Just think of how much of an advantage you have when these situations arise even if it is just for 5 innings or so.  You would definitely want to know if the starters were playing and that is what makes winning during the exhibition season possible.

As you look at baseball during the exhibition season, remember to do the work.  Look up the pitching rotations and starting lineups and look for advantages that can help you win.