MLB Betting – Detroit at Los Angeles Angels

April 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting on Thursday includes the finale of a three-game series between the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels. The Angels have traditionally done pretty well at home against the Tigers and gamblers who bet on MLB action are keeping that in mind. Here is a look at some of the numbers and trends for this game between Detroit and Los Angeles.

Baseball betting results tell us that the Angels had won 7 of the previous 10 games against Detroit in Anaheim before this three-game series began. This late night MLB betting matchup could see some runs scored considering the Tigers have been pounding the ball early this season. The problem for Detroit has been stopping the other teams from scoring as they rank below average in runs allowed per game as MLB betting numbers indicate. The last 20 games between the two teams have seen about an average amount of runs scored and the MLB betting total was 9-8-3 to the over before this three-game series began. The drawback of taking the over in this baseball betting game is that Los Angeles can pitch and their hitting is inconsistent. The Angels have been in the Top 10 in pitching this season as MLB betting statistics show but their hitting is near the bottom of the league. An injury to Vladimir Guerrero definitely didn’t help those offensive numbers. Injuries have also been a problem with the pitching staff but so far the numbers have not been greatly affected.

Gamblers who bet on MLB action usually like to avoid taking the Tigers, especially when they are on the road. Detroit is still a bit overpriced in MLB betting odds while the Angels can sometimes be undervalued. Teams that have big powerful offenses get more attention in baseball betting odds even if they are not good bets. Detroit has proven nothing the past few years and has not been a good baseball betting wager. Los Angeles on the other hand is always a worthy team to consider as you bet on MLB action because they pitch well and play the game intelligently.

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