Cubs Could Get Rare Baseball Betting Win vs. Reds on 7/1

April 24th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Chicago Cubs are the team that always seems to be on the verge of greatness on April but by August they’ve slipped into the dustbin of the baseball betting action. This team truly is cursed –how else to explain 102 years of MLB gambling futility- and this year seems no different than any other in the past century.

The Cubs (34-43), a team that always looks good on paper was expected to battle with the St Louis Cardinals in the NL Central baseball betting competition and possibly even wins the division, or at least win a Wild Card berth into the MLB betting playoffs.  But the way this is playing right now they could be irrelevant by the All Star betting break.

The Cincinnati Reds on the other hand have been one pleasant surprise for their fans and real force in the NL baseball betting action.  They’ve been hanging at, or near, the top of the NL Central for most of the season and have seen great output by their pitching staff.  With a record of 43-35 this team has one of the best records in the NL baseball betting action and was just a .5 game behind the Cards at the end of June.

In most circumstances the MLB betting edge would definitely go to the Reds in any match up with the Cubs.  However, for the July 1st game you’d be crazy not pick the Cubbies to beat the better team in this baseball betting matchup.

The reason for this boils down to the starting pitchers.  The Cubs will marching out their best start so far in the 2010 baseball wagering season, Carlos Silva (8-2, 3.01 ERA).  Even with lousy teammates this guy has still managed to produce great numbers and win 6 of his first seven starts.  Recently he’s dropped 2 of his past 3 starts but has pitched well in both. He’s due for another win and he’ll get in this baseball betting matchup with the Reds.

Generally, Cincy would have the edge in pitching but for this July 1st game they’ll give rookie Travis Wood his first start ever in the MLB gambling action.  He could turn out to be terrific pitcher just like Steven Strasburg, but more than likely, he’ll struggle, especially against a top pitcher like Silva and lose his first start in abbreviated action.


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