Consistent Baseball Betting Odds

October 10th, 2017 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting odds are wagered on more successfully if you remain consistent in your approach.

To be a winner when you bet MLB odds you must have a consistent approach in every aspect of your gambling from methodology, to money management, to how you handle winning and losing as well as your emotions.

Baseball betting odds make it easy to do different things and that is not always a good idea. Let’s take an extreme example of what we mean by consistency in baseball betting odds. Let’s say that you have decided to flip coins to determine your selections in MLB odds. By flipping coins, over time, you are going to win half of your bets versus baseball betting odds as long as you stick with the plan and never deviate from it. Or, let’s say that you are always going to take teams that wear the color black when they are against another team that doesn’t wear black in baseball betting odds.

Over time, you will end up winning half of your bets betting on black. Now let’s apply this to your handicapping of baseball betting odds. Let’s say that you have entered a slump and your system is not hitting and, in fact, you are on a losing streak versus baseball betting odds. The temptation is to change your methodology, which is what the majority of the gambling masses, in fact, will do when betting MLB odds. And sure enough, once a gambler breaks away from his program, he will learn that had he stuck with it, the results would have evened out versus the baseball betting odds.

By not being consistent, a gambler forfeits the law of averages, and now has to start completely over versus baseball betting odds. This same theory about betting consistency extends to how a gambler reacts to winning versus baseball betting odds. Does he act the same every time, and is his reaction one of responsibility and restraint, along with a consistent and disciplined mentality?

Consistency when betting MLB odds is a lost art and something that far too few gamblers are able to practice. Just doing the same thing, and sticking with it will keep you out of trouble when you bet baseball betting odds.

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