Cinderella No More as Royals Beat Up on Orioles

October 15, 2014 MLB Baseball

closeup of baseball sitting on groundThe Kansas City Royals are slowing gaining believers in their quest for their first World Series since 1985. Steadily, the Royals went from dramatically squeezing in to the post season after that Wild card game, to being the most solid team in the playoffs so far. How did this happen? Let’s take a look.

The Royals are now 3-0 versus the favorite Orioles and all that is due to a great form of defense. The Royals are on a 7 game winning streak and they keep impressing everybody every time. It is time to revisit our predictions and start considering them as the team to beat and the most serious contender for the World Championship.

At the beginning of the post season MLB betting fans did not take Kansas to be a favorite much less potentially sweeping in the ALCS.  Now, the team is on the verge of sweeping the Orioles and break records.

What we are seeing is nothing short of historic. Can they keep this up? All signs point to yes. You can forget about the Cinderella tag they were pigeon-holed in since the Wild Card game. We are seeing a team that is impressively solid on defense and is able to produce runs when needed.

In the NLCS, both the Giants and Cardinals appear to be teams with enough talent and experience to give them another World Series Title, but when you factor in the fact that the best baseball this postseason has seen has come from the Royals, one is left to wonder if the Royals have it in them to stretch this streak for another couple of games.

There is, of course, the possibility that they will lose a game, but this Kansas City team appears as though they are destined to go to the World Series 29 years after their last one. The best MLB betting advice that we can provide at this time is for you to start believing in them as well.

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