Changes in World Baseball Classic Betting for 2009 at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

World Baseball Classic betting is an exciting event to participate in. It’s like the FIFA World Cup only for baseball. It is a new concept, inaugurated back in 2006.

Though other baseball events such as the World Series and the MLB All Star Game take place annually, World Baseball Classic betting does not. The second World Baseball Classic betting tournament will be held in March of 2009, 3 years after the first.

World Baseball Classic betting is set to take place every four years after the 2009 tournament. This gives the teams a lot more time to work on their weaknesses and plenty of time to gather new talent over the break. Though World Baseball Classic odds are still not available, as the event will not take place for another four months or so, the teams have already been invited and the preliminary World Baseball Classic betting matches have already been scheduled.

As with any event just getting off the ground, fans of World Baseball Classic odds know there are many changes to be made to fix inconveniences and errors. In 2006, preliminary games were played in round robin format. World Baseball Classic betting fans had to sit and watch as teams that were tied up had to engage in tiebreakers to see who would advance to Round 2.

From the perspective of a World Baseball Classic betting fan, more games means more action. More action means more World Baseball Classic odds, and that means the potential to win more money. However, some fans just couldn’t wait to get to the World Baseball Classic betting final stage and finally see who dominates the game of baseball.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the issue of these time consuming tiebreakers, those in charge of the World Baseball Classic betting tournament changed the format instead from round robin to double-elimination. The winners of the first game advance to the qualifiers, and the losers of the first game play each other to see who of the two will advance to the qualifiers. This should make it easier for World Baseball Classic betting enthusiasts to follow the games and not have to worry about tiebreakers.

After the teams make it through to the qualifiers, World Baseball Classic odds will feature two teams from every pool in the seeding. The winner there will advance to the Semifinals, and then finally into the World Baseball Classic betting Finals for the chance to be considered the best baseball team in the world.

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