Boras Signals That Baseball Betting Return Beckons

Boras Signals That Baseball Betting Return Beckons

May 7th, 2020 MLB Baseball, Sportsbook

An account of baseball’s top player agent writing an op-ed this week for the New York Times is attention full. Scott Boras is one of the most powerful individuals in Major League Baseball. He is the agent for some of the biggest names in the game. Consider the record contract he scored for Gerrit Cole with the Yankees last December. Boras is plugged in with the biggest names in baseball betting. Which is what made his op-ed piece so powerful. More emphatically Boras stated in his New York Times op-ed that it’s time to play ball!

2020 Major League Baseball Season

Date and Time:To Be Determined
Location:Breslin Center, East Lansing, Michigan
Duke vs. Michigan State TV Coverage:ESPN
2020 World Series Championship Odds:New York Yankees 3/1, Los Angeles Dodgers 3/1, Houston Astros 9/1, Minnesota Twins 15/1, New York Mets 17/1, Atlanta Braves 17/1, Los Angeles Angels 18/1, Oakland Athletics 18/1, Washington Nationals 18/1, Chicago Cubs 20/1, Cincinnati Reds 20/1, Tampa Bay Rays 22/1, Chicago White Sox 25/1, Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1, St. Louis Cardinals 28/1, Cleveland Indians 28/1, Boston Red Sox 30/1, Philadelphia Phillies 35/1, Milwaukee Brewers 45/1, San Diego Padres 50/1, all other teams 125/1 or higher.

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2020 World Series Odds Overview

Namely, Cole’s record contract with the Yankees added to the Boras legend. Not to mention the sportsbook hype about a Yankees championship. In the same way, the Dodgers are getting plenty of handle for the Mookie Betts acquisition.

Baseball’s Historic Role in Healing America

On the whole, Boras struck a chord by connecting baseball’s history to today. Just as baseball helped heal America during World War II and 911 it can do so again. America has been decimated by the COVID-19 shutdown. Boras correctly stated that the return of the sports can give the USA a morale boost like nothing else. Baseball can bring daily escape, engagement, passion, and joy to millions of USA citizens. Consider how the 2020 NFL Draft TV ratings set all-time records. Proof that Americans want and need sports.

Boras Clobbers Health and Safety Concerns, Mississippi.

In the same way as his link to national morale, Boras called to mind data. In all coronavirus studies, the young and healthy have been the least affected. Specifically, this demographic is more at risk of dying from the flu instead. Major League Baseball is comprised of the young and most healthy of all citizens. On a related radio interview, Boras pointed out the science and data. And how staging games in non-hot spots like Arizona and Florida would further minimize risk.

Key Relationships Give Tell about Boras

To be exact Scott Boras is plugged into every aspect of Major League Baseball. Not just players, general managers, managers, and owners. But trainers, medical personnel, and other important members of the MLB community. Correspondingly his going public is the best hope possible that baseball is serious about a return.

Mechanics of MLB Return to Diamond

The first order of business to get going would be a five-week spring training. Boras stated that it would have to be done completely over. From there the baseball betting possibilities became interesting. Either game at each team’s home ballparks or spring training sites are possible. However, fans at the games will not be possible. At least not at the start. But as Boras pointed out fans will gladly watch on TV or listen to radio games. Most important of all is that baseball can once again contribute to an American renaissance.

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