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April 26th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting totals are something that some gamblers get involved in each year. When you bet on MLB with a side you can be laying big money and that is why some gamblers choose instead to bet totals. MLB betting totals are an interesting alternative to betting sides. When looking at the MLB betting line you may see two strong starting pitchers that have a total posted of 7 or 7.5. The good news is that you can win when your handicapping is only so-so.

If just one of the two top pitchers is really on his game he can hold the other team to one or two runs and you can win 5-1 or 6-1 when you bet on MLB. This is when your handicapping was only half right. The same thing can happen when two weak pitchers face each other. If just one of the two has a rotten game, the MLB betting total can be well on its way to going over.

Another good part about MLB betting with totals is that you don’t have to lay big money. Usually the lines are 20 cents and most of the time you are laying -120, -110 or even money when you bet on MLB. Occasionally you will see the -130 and even -140 but that is rare and that is as high as it goes. Another good part of MLB betting in regards to the totals is that there is not much the oddsmaker can do to keep you off the game. For example, if you really liked the Yankees, the MLB betting oddsmaker could make New York -300 or more. If you liked a total though, say 7.5 or 7, all the MLB betting oddsmaker can do is adjust it down by a half a run and even that is rare. The lowest total you will ever see is 6.5 and those don’t happen very often in MLB betting. Usually the oddsmaker won’t adjust anything other than the money line so instead of playing a total of 7 under at something like -120, you play 7 under at -140. It’s very difficult for the MLB betting oddsmakers to compensate enough on totals.

You should also know that sportsbooks have lower limits on MLB betting with the totals than they do on the sides? Why is that the case? It is because they are not as confident in their numbers on totals and they don’t get much public money. All of these factors should tell you that as you bet on MLB action that totals are definitely something you want to look at this season.


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