Betting the Baseball World Series

April 26th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball World Series action is a little bit different than betting the regular season for many reasons. Baseball World Series involves taking a look at factors you won’t see in the regular season like series prices, must-win games, martingale opportunities, etc. Let’s take a further look at what makes baseball World Series betting different.

Baseball World Series action is definitely a different animal than regular season betting. During the regular season we don’t see a lot of public money involved in moving the line and, therefore, it is hard to find many “public” plays. That changes a little bit during the baseball World Series. One note here however. World Series action does not have the flow of public money like the NFL does. You can’t just blindly go against the public when betting baseball because it doesn’t work all the time. Baseball also involves a money line, unlike the NFL that has a point spread, and that is another reason that going against the public doesn’t always work in World Series. If the public falls in love with the Yankees in a particular baseball World Series game there is not much the oddsmaker can do except raise the money line.

World Series action also gives you the opportunity to bet on a particular team before the series begins. These are known as series bets and are made before the first game begins in baseball World Series. You play it just as you would a money line in baseball World Series game by game betting but it is for the entire series. This baseball World Series wager keeps you in action all series long with just one bet.

Baseball World Series action will always be very popular because the games are on television and because everyone starts getting interested once the baseball World Series action gets underway. Treat your baseball World Series betting like a separate season and set aside a bankroll for this part of the year. That will make your baseball World Series action more exciting and give you a chance to win.

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