Baseball Betting Strategy

Baseball betting strategy for most gamblers begins with the starting pitcher. That is how the baseball betting oddsmakers make the line and it is why you see the starting pitcher listed in every baseball betting line you see.

Let’s look at baseball betting strategy. Baseball betting strategy based on a starting pitcher is easy to formulate. Look at the starting pitchers and their statistics as you glance at the baseball betting odds.

Look at how the teams are playing in their last few games. It is hard to make a baseball bet on a team that has lost their last few games and is not playing well, no matter who is pitching. The exception to that might be when the best pitcher for a team is going. That is the pitcher on the staff the team knows can stop a losing streak.

You should also look at the head to head matchup as you prepare to make a baseball bet. Some teams just own other teams. For example the Orioles just never seem to beat the Yankees. Those types of things are general things to look at but you can go more in depth and break the stats down to each starting pitcher versus the other team, home/away stats, etc as they apply to baseball betting.

Another factor to remember when making a baseball bet is that baseball is probably more of a game of streaks than any other type of sport. You get teams that routinely win four or five in a row. That means you have sports bettors that collect every single time they make a baseball bet during the streak. There is no pointspread and there is no evening out the playing field factor. All the baseball betting oddsmakers can do is to raise the price. They can’t stop bettors from continually pounding a team on a streak. The same thing happens with starting pitchers. That is what makes baseball betting very interesting.

Take a look at the baseball betting odds and see if you can pick out teams or starting pitchers on a streak or that have a statistical advantage. Streaks are a great handicapping tool to use and many people forget all about them when looking at the statistics each day. Streaks and statistical advantages can be your best bets in baseball betting.