Betting Parlays in World Series Odds

October 5th, 2017 MLB Baseball

World Series odds involve sides, totals and run lines. They also include parlays and that is sometimes forgotten by people betting odds World Series action.

A parlay is where you are selecting multiple teams to win on the same betting ticket but in World Series odds they involve only two things, a side and a total.

World Series odds give you the chance to bet a two team parlay. When you are betting parlays in football or basketball you usually get payoffs of about 2.6 to 1 for a two team parlay. As you bet parlays in World Series odds that will be different. For example, let’s say you have a -200 favorite and a total of 9 as you are betting odds World Series action. In other sports that would pay 2.6-1 for a two teamer, but in baseball it can’t pay that because of the money line price involved in World Series odds. This looks bad when you have favorites in the parlay because it pays less, but in reality the World Series odds in baseball parlays are better. In this example you have one heavy favorite and a game at about a pick. Using the parlay calculator that many sites have, we find that this parlay would pay about 1.8 to 1 in World Series odds. So if you wagered $100 you would win $186 plus your $100. It is not the 2.6 to 1 but it is still pretty good considering you have a -200 favorite in World Series odds.

Many bettors like betting baseball parlays with heavy favorites. This gives them the opportunity to play big favorites while risking a small amount of money in World Series odds. When betting odds World Series action you can parlay a side and a total together for more excitement. Many people forget about the parlay because there is only one game but it can be an exciting part of World Series odds. Betting odds World Series parlays can be an exciting way to risk just a little to get a nice payoff. Take a look at the parlay as you bet World Series odds this season.

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