Baseball Betting Odds Overlays

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting odds on big favorites seem to get higher every season. There was a time not too long ago when a gambler would rarely have to lay more than two dollars on a heavy chalk with its ace pitcher on the mound.

Those days have long since passed, however, as the baseball betting odds makers have instituted a severe crackdown on such wagers by jacking up the prices to levels never seen before and scaring off gamblers who used to be willing to lay two dollars but recoil at prices in the high twos or even over three dollars at times.

Baseball betting odds will continue to stay high on the favorites because the sportsbooks want to entice gamblers to bet underdogs. Long time gamblers that look at baseball odds have noticed that sportsbooks could do without baseball gamblers altogether. Sportsbooks are scared of chalks on the baseball odds board and are jacking up the prices to astronomical levels in order to chase away action from gamblers looking to bet power teams. Online sportsbooks are not as bad about this as sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

Online sportsbooks at least keep things reasonably fair while Las Vegas borders on the absurd. Although the overlay is here to stay, gamblers should not get discouraged when looking at baseball betting odds. Every action has an equal and positive reaction and the gambler simply has to adjust his thinking to fit the times and to learn of ways to take advantage of the current baseball betting odds.

Finding value on the baseball betting odds board is just as possible as it was before, though it is found in different areas than was the case just a few seasons ago. But make no mistake about it, you can find winners on the baseball odds board. You can’t always take those huge favorites on the baseball betting odds board but there are alternatives. You can play that big favorite on the run line which drastically reduces the baseball odds. You can occasionally take a shot with a big underdog not to get swept in a series. There are always different options to consider, even with overlays on the baseball betting odds board.

Some professional gamblers that look at baseball betting odds only look at totals. That is another way to avoid the high priced overlays on the baseball betting odds board. It is all a matter of changing your thinking when it comes to betting baseball odds.

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