Baseball Betting Favorites

April 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting is done on a money line which means you have favorites and underdogs. How many times have you heard that you can’t bet favorites and win in baseball betting? Is that actually true though? MLB betting for some gamblers is all about taking small priced favorites and underdogs. Many baseball betting professionals won’t bet favorites in baseball if they are more than -150.

Others won’t lay more than -130. They have that way of thinking, but are they right? When you bet favorites in MLB betting you have to win more than the normal 55 or 56 percent to make money. If you are consistently gambling favorites then you must win well over 60 percent of the time to make money. But again, can it be done? The argument against making a baseball bet on a favorite is that one loss of -200 will ruin two wins. While that is true, you can make money on favorites in baseball betting. The trick to baseball wagering favorites is to be selective, and of course to win.

What you will find in MLB betting more so than any other sport is that the better teams usually win. Teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Braves consistently win more games than they lose. The key will be to play them at opportune times. One way to do that is to concentrate on excellent pitchers in situations that they are not completely overpriced when you make a baseball bet. If a pitcher like Johan Santana is laying -300 then it is going to be tough to make money unless he wins nearly every time out. If however, he is only -150 on the road, then we have something to look at for a baseball bet. Very often we can get these big name pitchers at a reasonable price, still favored in baseball betting though, when they are on the road. Bad teams lose, and very often they lose at home too. If we can concentrate on betting excellent pitchers on the road then we can overcome the problem of the big priced favorites as we make a baseball bet.

Wagering on favorites everyday in baseball betting takes nerve. It also takes a solid MLB betting bankroll to withstand any losing streaks but it can be worthwhile if you pick and choose your spots.


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