Betting Baseball Favorites

April 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Betting baseball favorites involves a money line which means you will oftentimes be laying big money. This totally changes the equation when you talk about betting baseball. How do you handle these big favorites in MLB betting? Betting baseball for some handicappers won’t involve taking favorites. Some gamblers will never play a favorite over -150 against the MLB betting line. That is one popular belief when it comes to betting big favorites in baseball. Other people don’t mind laying the big money when betting baseball.

The bottom line is that you can get the best price and think it’s a great value, but at the end of the game you still might lose. For example, let’s say the Yankees are a -250 favorite at home against the Royals. Most of the baseball bettors refuse to bet New York because of the price. The problem with automatically throwing out the Yankees is that you may have missed a winner when betting baseball. If the Yankees do what the MLB betting oddsmakers expect them to do and win, you win against the MLB betting line. It does not matter the price.

If you are going to be betting baseball favorites you do need to show caution. Big name pitchers are often overpriced as are the Yankees and Red Sox in MLB betting. That doesn’t mean they might not win though. It does mean that most players won’t take them when betting baseball because they are overvalued. The problem when the line gets to -300 or more is that it takes three wins to make up for only one loss when betting baseball. That means you have to hit 75% of these wagers just to break even when betting baseball. That is not easy to do. That is not to say you can’t pick your spots with big favorites and it is not to say you can’t play the run line instead.  It is much cheaper to take that -300 favorite down to -170 or so on the run line and that is what some gamblers do when betting baseball.

The bottom line when betting baseball favorites is that if you can pick the right favorites you can make money betting them. Don’t always be scared off just because you are laying money.


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