Bet Baseball Strategies

April 30th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Bet baseball strategies for most gamblers begin and end with the starting pitchers. When you see the MLB betting odds you will always see the starting pitcher’s name listed. Oddsmakers have probably gone too far in stressing the starting pitcher when they make the odds, but we will start our look at bet MLB strategies with the pitcher.

Bet MLB strategies for the starting pitcher can begin with a pitcher’s walk to innings ratio. You can add in their WHIP rating as well. This one includes the walks and hits to innings pitched. The lower the number, the more effective the pitcher has been. This number doesn’t guarantee you success when you look bet MLB but it is a decent place to start. What happens when a pitcher struggles with hits and walks is that obviously he gives up runs, but he also taxes the bullpen. This is an overlooked factor by oddsmakers and by gamblers that bet MLB. The bullpen is important and a starting pitcher that continually struggles with his WHIP numbers can cause a team all kinds of trouble, not just in the current game, but in future games.

If you want to get beyond the obvious numbers then you need to consider other strategies as you bet baseball. You might decide that wagering on totals is a better way to go as you bet baseball. You might want to take a look at umpires as part of your baseball betting strategy. You might want to consider looking at betting a series instead of just one game. There are a multitude of bet baseball strategies to consider. What you don’t want to do though when looking at multiple strategies is start jumping from one to another all season. You are far better off sticking with one or two and riding them out as you bet baseball. Trying to pick and choose when one will get hot is a recipe for disaster as you bet MLB.

Some baseball betting players will look strictly at underdogs but that is a strategy that has not worked as well in recent years. If you are an underdog player you must remember that baseball is a non-competitive sport where teams are not all the same. The NFL has a salary cap but MLB doesn’t. Teams like New York and Boston will always win while teams like Kansas City and Pittsburgh will almost always lose. Be careful about playing strictly underdogs as you bet
MLB . Baseball betting has many strategies for you to consider and hopefully some of them will be successful for you this season.


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