Baseball World Series Betting

May 3rd, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball World Series betting is the one time of the baseball season where bettors start coming out of the woodwork. World Series odds are a bit different from regular season odds and it does give people some different betting opportunities and other things to think about.

MLB World Series betting at the sportsbook is different right off the bat because of the amount of games in the series. The regular season has three or four game series while World Series odds have best of seven games. This is a big difference because it immediately gives sportsbook gamblers an option they didn’t have during the regular season. People can now bet the series instead of individual games. Instead of having to risk money everyday a person can just do it once and play a team to win in baseball World Series betting. This is really an attractive option because now a gambler doesn’t have to risk as much money. The bet is a straight money line wager in MLB World Series betting at the sports book and looks like this:

Philadelphia +130
New York -150

This is exactly like a regular money line bet. If you like the Yankees in MLB World Series betting you risk $150 for every $100 you want to win and if you like Boston you get back $30 for every $100 you risk.

Another thing you can do because of the longer series is take teams to bounce back after a loss in baseball World Series betting. If you don’t think the Yankees will lose three in a row you could take them and martingale them not to lose three straight. Or you could take it to 4 straight in MLB World Series betting. If a favored team is coming off a loss in World Series odds you might have to lay a bigger price, but that is a risk you might want to take and double up, gambling that the team wouldn’t lose again. It is just something else to consider as MLB World Series betting goes along.

Some other things to keep in mind in baseball World Series betting are starting pitchers and the home field advantage. Starting pitchers are even more critical in World Series odds than during the regular season. It is rare to see #4 or #5 starters winning. Home field advantage is also a baseball World Series betting factor to remember. It is sometimes extremely overpriced and that could give you some value taking the road teams at the sportsbook.

Baseball World Series betting is definitely a different animal than regular season betting, but it can be profitable.

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