Baseball World Series Betting Totals

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Baseball World Series betting always has a total on the games. Many people just bet sides in World Series odds but you can choose to bet totals as well.

Baseball totals are a little bit different than totals in other sports because most of the time the total is determined by just one factor, starting pitchers.

Baseball World Series betting with totals has you looking at factors beyond the starting pitcher. You will want to consider the two team’s history against each other, the ballpark the game is being played at, and factors such as bullpen strengths, and injuries. Betting baseball totals is not as simple as the starting pitchers although the World Series odds maker might make you think that way.

There is an advantage to baseball World Series betting totals that many people don’t realize. When you bet baseball totals you aren’t laying -150 or -200 on a side bet. You are laying anywhere from even money to -130 to win your $100, or the equivalent in online sports betting. You can get a fair baseball World Series betting line that doesn’t ask you to risk a huge amount of money, and the baseball total is unlikely to move very much because the sports betting oddsmaker can’t really do too much. If you see a baseball World Series betting line move it is likely it will only be a money line move of 10 cents. If you like a baseball World Series betting total there is not much the sports betting site can do in terms of price or changing the odds to keep you from betting it.

Another factor to consider when betting totals in baseball World Series betting is that the lines are very often weak. Anytime you notice that something has a lower limit, it is usually because the World Series odds makers are not confident in their numbers.

Another handicapping point that many baseball World Series betting fans consider in is the home plate umpire. Certain umpires have trends that show they are more likely to call more strikes or less strikes in a game and that leads to more baseball World Series betting overs or unders. This is another area that oddsmakers totally ignore when making World Series odds. All these factors don’t guarantee you will win in baseball World Series betting but they definitely increase your chances.

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