Bet on Baseball Pre-Season games in the AL East

May 6th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

When you bet on baseball pre-season games in the AL East you should remember that it may be a fairly quiet pre-season – at least for the Yanks and Sox. Bet on MLB pre-season games in the AL East to catch a glimpse of the league’s top two franchises in 2008, but when you bet on MLB pre-season games involving the Yankees and Red Sox you may want to be skeptical of any weaknesses you see.

Many of those who bet on MLB are eagerly awaiting 2008’s chapter of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, but the fact of the matter is that little has changed with either club since we bet on baseball during the 2007 season. Bet on MLB pre-season games in the AL East for brief glimpses into the upcoming season, but the most interesting insights will be offered by the teams in the AL East not from New York or Boston.

The Red Sox are the returning world champions and have little to prove or achieve in the pre-season, so you must keep this in mind when you bet on MLB pre-season Red Sox games. The Yankees do in fact have a new manager, which means for more excitement when you bet on MLB pre-season Yankees games, but 2008 is still a continuation of how we bet on baseball with the Yankees in 2007 in many ways.

Gamblers who bet on baseball know that both squads are favored to reach the postseason and both teams are certainly entering 2008 with lots of confidence. As a result, the teams will probably breeze through the pre-season with as much focus on avoiding injuries as winning games, which must be remembered as you bet on baseball pre-season AL East match ups.

The opportunity to bet on baseball pre-season games involving the other AL East teams may actually be a more interesting and beneficial way to bet on baseball. The Rays seem determined to turn 2007 into a memory and may therefore come out playing hard in 2008 and offer a valuable option to bet on baseball pre-season games.

The Orioles enjoyed a promising offseason by ridding themselves of Miguel Tejada, who is now embroiled in a steroids scandal, and acquiring a handful of promising young prospects.

Although some gamblers may be hesitant to bet on baseball pre-season Orioles games after they dealt Tejada, the team is in a rebuilding mode, which may mean they work hard in the pre-season and offer value to those who bet on baseball pre-season match ups. And finally, the Blue Jays are a respectable team that is often overlooked, due to the fact that they are in a division with the Yankees and Red Sox. However, the team certainly has the potential to be a contender in 2008 and may begin making waves as you bet on MLB pre-season games.


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