Baseball Playoffs Odds Profile of LA Dodgers

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Baseball playoffs odds makers liked what they saw in the LA Dodgers in spring training and gave them a sporting chance in the pennant chase.

But at that time the team had little more than potential and not everyone was sold on the Dodgers making an appearance in baseball playoffs betting. However, as October begins and the baseball playoffs odds line up, the Dodgers look as sharp as any team in the NL.

Baseball playoffs odds are always full of difficult choices and this year the National League seems as wide open as it’s ever been. With no baseball playoffs odds favorite jumping out, the Dodgers have as good a chance as anyone of winning the NLCS and making an appearance in the baseball playoffs betting World Series. With some outstanding personnel work during the season and strong pitching this team has gone from a dysfunctional group of underachievers to a legitimate baseball playoffs odds contender.

Bringing in Joe Torre in the off-season seems to have been a great move in terms of stabilizing a volatile clubhouse and bringing the team’s focus back to baseball and making it in the baseball playoffs betting. In fact, many baseball playoffs odds makers doubt the team would have been in the playoffs without the veteran manager’s calming influence.

Managerial influence is often overestimated in the world of baseball playoffs odds and what the team does on the diamond is what counts, not in the dugout. The Dodgers also made a stellar move in that regard, as well bringing in all star Manny Ramirez to help boost the team’s chances in baseball playoffs odds. Not only has Manny strengthened the team’s performance at the plate but he’s almost singlehandedly responsible for getting the team into the baseball playoffs odds competition. He has been arguably one of the hottest offensive players over the last fifty games, averaging over an RBI a game and hitting a homer in every third game.

If the team wants to win in the baseball playoffs odds it will have to pitch as well as hit. The team’s starting pitching is capable with Derek Lowe and Chad Billingsley at the top of the rotation and with veteran Greg Maddux available this should be a strong suit for the team in the baseball playoffs betting. The bullpen is less than perfect and the team will need to try to build up an early lead in the baseball playoffs odds if they are to be successful.

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