Baseball Playoffs Odds Preview of the White Sox

May 6th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball playoffs odds fans in Chicago have a lot to cheer about these days. After watching the Cubs clinch the NL Central and earn a place in the playoffs, the ‘other’ Chicago team, White Sox, also snuck into the playoffs.

However, unlike the Cubbies, the Sox are going to be underdogs in the baseball playoffs lines as they set out to win their second baseball playoffs betting title in four years. Baseball playoffs odds makers are not likely to be all that kind to the White Sox. This is obviously a talented team as their entry into the baseball playoffs lines race would indicate, but among the teams targeted for baseball playoffs betting, the Sox are not considered among the top contenders. Unlike the Angels, Rays and Red Sox, the other AL teams in the MLB playoffs odds, not many fans or odds makers are giving the White Sox much hope at winning the World Series.But that’s why the game is played and as every player, manager and fan knows, when the baseball playoffs odds season begins every team’s record is identical at 0-0. And the White Sox have an advantage over many of their potential rivals in the fact that this team has been here before and come away with the ultimate prize baseball playoffs betting.

Manager Ozzie Guillen may be strange but he’s a strange guy with a World Series ring. The Sox’s biggest weakness is their fielding and teams will look to exploit this for all it’s worth when the MLB playoffs odds action begins. The outfield is especially weak defensively and the burden will be on the team’s pitching staff to keep balls out of harms way and turning into runs on poor fielding plays. But if their win against the Twins to qualify for the baseball playoffs odds action is any indication, it might not be as big of a liability as some baseball playoffs betting analysts have proffered.

The team’s starting pitchers are going to have to shoulder a heavy burden to make up for a mediocre bull pen. With the rotation screwed-up due to the tie breaker baseball playoffs odds game, the team won’t be able to get its best starters on the field as often as they like. Mark Buerhle, the team’s ace, won’t be able to pitch in Game One but the teams staring rotation has experience.

At the plate there’s no doubt as to this team’s ability to produce runs in the baseball playoffs odds action. That is what makes this team so dangerous. There are plenty of sluggers on this team and with two Hall-of-Famers in Jim Thome and Ken Griffey Jr. playing in perhaps their last baseball playoffs odds series the offense should be explosive.

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