Baseball Odds – Time to Give the Padres Some Respect

May 7th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Quick, name the best team in the National League vs. the baseball odds? You might have thought about saying the Cardinals, the Braves or the Phillies.  Did you really come up with the Padres as the best team in the league vs. the baseball betting odds? Baseball odds still don’t give the San Diego Padres their due.  The Padres have the best record in the National League and they are pulling away from the San Francisco Giants in the National League West.  Yes, it is still hard to think of the Padres as a great team but it is nearly September now and it is time to start giving them their due.

Disrespected:  The Padres are definitely the most disrespected division leader in terms of baseball odds.  They are hardly ever big favorites at the Sbg sportsbook.  Think about the other division leaders.  The New York Yankees are always heavy favorites in baseball betting odds.  The Minnesota Twins are getting more respect and they are not unknown.  The Texas Rangers are loaded with power so they get respect.  In the National League the Braves have great pitching and they get everyone’s attention while even the Cincinnati Reds get more respect than the Padres.

Just how good is San Diego:  The Padres head into Friday’s action at 73-47. They win at home and on the road. They were 36-22 at home and 37-25 on the road. The team has the best ERA in the league.  Let me repeat that one again.  The Padres have the best pitching staff in all of baseball.  You win in baseball with pitching and the Padres have it.  They are just 17th in runs scored but they score enough to win games.

Future Schedule:  If you think the Padres are going to fall soon vs. the baseball betting odds then you may want to think again.  They are at Milwaukee this weekend and the Brewers are not any good. San Diego then comes home to take on a rotten Arizona team before they host the Phillies. Then the Padres get to play at Arizona for three more.  Then it is a home stand for Colorado, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And those teams are simply not that great this season. It is hard to admit, but the Padres are the best team in the National League West and that is not likely to change.


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