Baseball Odds Spotlight: Handful of Key Players in 2010 Free Agent Class

May 8th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The lights have been turned out, the champagne chugged and the cigars smoked and little remains of the 2010 baseball odds season except for some prolonged celebrating by the new World Series champions the San Francisco Giants.

But while the Giants enjoy the fruits of their labors in the 2010 season the rest of the MLB is already hard at work trying to line up its personnel for the upcoming 2011baseball betting odds competition. This year the potential free agent class is once again big on quantity but average in terms of quality.

There aren’t a lot of huge names on this the 2011 potential free agent list but there are plenty of every day good players on the list more than a handful that could change the baseball odds fortunes of a struggling franchise.

The biggest name on the list is Texas Rangers ace Cliff Lee who was spectacular in the postseason this year allowing just 2 hits in 4 starts during the ALDS and the ALCS before getting rocked in the World Series by the suddenly potent Giants offense.  But he’s still the best pitcher available by far and the former Cy Young winner should command plenty of attention.  He’ll either go to where the money is (New York Yankees) or re-sign with the AL Champion Rangers.

Among the position players this free agent class is loaded at 1B.  Big names include Yankee 1B/DH Lance Berkman, the Mariners Russell Branyon, Washington’s Adam Dunn, San Fran’s Aubry Huff and future Hall of Famer Jim Tome.

Other infielders of note include Yankee captain Derek Jeter who’s future in New York remains questionable, the Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins, 3B Adrian Beltre of the Red Sox, and Detroit’s Brandon Inge.

In the outfield this year the class is relatively thin with Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Rays leading the class.  He’ll likely be the subject of a bidding war in the AL East (Boston, Tampa Bay and maybe New York).

There are also a number of top players in the baseball odds competition that will be on the trading block this offseason and could also alter the baseball odds betting landscape.  Players like the Brewers 1B Prince Fielder and the Royals P Zach Grienke will be players likely put on the block and should draw major interest across the league.