Baseball Odds and Crazy Developments of the Season

September 4th, 2023 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball Odds and Crazy Developments of the Season. Year in and year out there are all kinds of storylines that develop in the world of baseball betting odds that never seem to fail to amaze. But this season the strangeness seems to be especially strange even by MLB odds standards. MLB odds fans are well accustomed to the strange. MLB odds fans are accustomed to a certain sense of order, even among unpredictability of the MLB betting odds, but this season some things have taken even the most veteran of baseball odds fans by surprise. Take for example the baseball teams in Florida which have far exceeded even the wildest hopes of even the most ardent of hometown fans.

Florida has, for the past few years, been a baseball odds graveyard. Despite the Marlins winning two pennants in a seven-year period, the Marlins of late have been the laughing stock of the MLB betting odds world. The team’s ownership has made a mockery of the club by following a miserly policy of maintaining a minor league payroll. Yet some how this team has beaten the MLB betting odds and has real shot at winning the NL East with a staring pitching rotation whose oldest player is all of 24-years old. And at the plate the team has also beaten the MLB odds as it leads the Majors in HRs with a lineup of players generally earning the league minimum.

But the Marlins are far from the only Florida team beating the MLB betting odds. In fact, the Rays rise is much impressive as this is a club that has perennially battled for the worst record in all of the baseball odds. With seemingly no talent entering the season the club has the best record in the baseball odds with just two months to go. And what’ more impressive is the fact that the Rays success has come in the most difficult division in the baseball odds competing against MLB betting odd giants like the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

On the other end of amazing what baseball odds fans would have predicted that the Detroit Tigers would have gotten off to the worst start in baseball? True, the Tigers are coming back and are within striking distance in the MLB odds race, but they were picked by many to dominate the MLB odds at the beginning of year and picked as a likely world champion.

On an individual level, who would have guessed that second baseman would be leading the power hitting categories in the baseball odds? Phillies second baseman Chase Utley and Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla are both on pace to set the single season MLB odds record for homers by a second baseman.

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